Very funny fiction.


I have some memories of that comedy show 'Baby Talk' and since the show went off the air in 1992 my question is what are the Jessup twins doing these days? All I know is that this November they turn 27.


Nic your pic s

Kristen Parslow

I don't know who this is, but it isn't me. - Kristen Parslow


Where's Deon Van Zyl i miss seeing him on tv I haven't seen him since agter elke man.would like to know what his doing these days



She was beautiful in the MASH episode. I'm sure she still is. Love to you , Sachiko.


Robert if you get this I found your book in the St Heliers Library Auckland New Zealand. I really great book hard to put down.


Dear Cousin, How have you been? We used to talk on the phone & write a lifetime ago. When you were on the show I sent you a birthday gift, a little necklace with tiny square blocks, with your initial.I pray life has been good for you. Know that you are forever in my heart & mind. Fill free to send me a message if you so choose. Take care of you. Your Cousin.


I think that it is smart for a woman to marry a wealthy man, bit only if she love him and can stand him. That way, hopefully, she will do the right thing and remain faithful. MAGGIE isn't the only Actress who was smart and married a wealthy man. The Actress DAVEY DAVISON also married wealthy REALTOR MIKE SILVERMAN. She lived in WASHINGTON STATE for awhile, while I was living there, though I hadn'T seen her. I didn'T know of her existence until I saw her on "HAZEL". BuT the first time I had ever seen her was on "DYNASTY" on the very first Episode: "OIL". MAGGIE, the first time I saw her was on PERRY MASON, Episode: "THE CASE OF THE LEFT HANDED LIAR". I'm sure MAGGIE lived very well after the death of her husband. And I'm sure that DAVEY is living well too.