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Pamela Anderson

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It would have been nice if there was an actual article on Val Zavala as shown, instead of a tease and a fake out . What's up with that?

Kara Smith

I know that 's just being picky , but no one doubts that climate change is behind climate change. I do not think anyone doubts climate change. Now perhaps some technical summary does not mention this , I doubt that human-induced climate change.


James Cagney

Cantor Jason

There's no getting around it, Facebook is everywhere. It's the Coca-Cola of the 21st century. Seventy-two percent of adult Internet users are on the site. Pinterest and Instagram are in a distant second and third place respectively, with 31 and 28 percent. And though you can say something for both of them, that still means Facebook has more than double the users (and that's assuming there is no overlap between the two, which there no doubt will be).

Cantor Jason Green

My name is Jason Green, I am the Cantor and Programming Director at New London Synagogue in London, England. I would like to ask Mili Avital if she would donate 15-20 minutes of her time on a skype video call on Wednesday, 11 May, at about 9:30pm UK time. We have an Israeli Independence Day 'Movie & Dinner' program at our synagogue for members that night, and we'll be showing "Noodle", purchased through the UK Jewish Film Festival. My programming committee and I screened it this week and loved it -- and we are hoping that Ms. Avital might appear on our screen and talk for a few minutes after our showing of the movie in which she starred, and perhaps answer questions about the film (in English). It would be a wonderful way for us to connect with Israel on this special day. I imagine Ms. Avital is extremely busy. I would be happy to make a donation to a charity of her choice as a thank-you. How can we move forward? Thanks so much, Jason

Hermini Rohmursanto

Seeking to make contact with George Spartels' agent to discuss the use of selective Play School clips featuring himself in an exhibition, Play School 50th Birthday, at the National Museum of Australia

Kara Smith

Do you need a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows App? We can do that for you better than anyone else and that too at a competitive cost! Hard to believe, right? Let us show you our sample work and we’re certain that you’ll agree.




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